Stronghold is a project that offers a unique hybrid approach to the smart contract audit process by combining the best practices of community-driven and conventional auditing.

The community-driven model allows to allocate a large number of solo auditors (up to several dozens) to a project, which ensures maximum code coverage and the use of various audit techniques. This large-scale effect allows to check the maximum number of attack vectors and provides the customer with an exhaustive list of possible vulnerabilities, while the merit-based remuneration scheme in the form of a distributed bounty fund depending on the number of found vulnerabilities and their severity aligns a fair and balanced motivation for both parties.

The approach, which is implemented in the conventional audit part, implies the allocation of a full-time Project manager and a Lead auditor to the project, who audit the project on an ongoing basis, provide a high level of service and completeness of communications with the customer, as well as simplify and facilitate communication with the solo auditors community, in terms of validation and triage of a large list of detected vulnerabilities, preparation of a single consolidated audit report, conducting the re-audit stage and issuing the final report.

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