Community of verified solo auditors

Stronghold is not just another marketplace for solo auditors.

When creating our community of solo auditors, we have sought to ensure that its members are engineers with high technical expertise and a desire to develop in the field of blockchain security and DeFi.

Thus, we have partnered with the MixBytes Farm team, who, through their free educational initiative and the “Smart Contract Auditor” bootcamp produce top-notch smart contract auditors who, upon successful completion of a 1.5-month course, become members of the Stronghold closed community of solo auditors.

MixBytes Farm key points:

  • The Smart Contract Auditor bootcamp program was developed by blockchain researchers, cryptographers, and practicing MixBytes auditors.

  • The bootcamp is held once a quarter.

  • The course lasts 1.5 months and includes 13 theoretical lectures on cryptography, blockchain security, and DeFi, as well as practical assignments in the form of CTF and test audits on real public DeFi projects.

  • On average, 800 applications for training are received, but after passing the entrance test, only up to 150 people enter the course itself (bootcamp), of which only 30-40 make it to the end.

  • Successful bootcamp graduates become the owners of the Soulbound token (SBT) as a confirmation of its successful completion and high graduation score.

  • The SBT entitles them to participate in audit contests conducted by Stronghold for its customers.

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