Lead time & Cost

Each project is subject to individual estimation, but from the experience of past projects, the average timeline looks as follows:

  • Big Combo Audit:

More than 3000 sloc* / 4+ weeks (including triage and reaudit)

  • Medium Combo Audit:

Up to 3000 sloc / 3 weeks (including triage and reaudit)

  • Small Combo Audit :

Up to 1000 sloc / 2 weeks (including triage and reaudit)

  • Diff audit:

100 - 1000 sloc / up to 1 week.

*sloc (Source lines of code ) - number of lines of code without comments and blanks.

The following items are taken into account when pricing an audit contest:

  • Bounty fund for the community of solo auditors

  • Lead auditor fee for interim audit, triage, re-audit, final report issuance

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